An initial consultation takes approximately 90 minutes and involves an in-depth analysis of all bodily systems, current dietary approach, a full disclosure of all past medical history and clinical examination if appropriate. Following this initial consultation, a treatment plan will be emailed detailing the discussion and steps to be implemented that have been agreed. Typically, a treatment regime will require 3 visits, with each subsequent visit being approximately 45 to 60 minutes to assess progress and implement further change as necessary.  Follow-ups may be conducted remotely if appropriate and preferential for the client. If herbal medicine is prescribed it may be in the form of a  tincture (an alcohol and water extract of the plant) or tea that consists of a blend of herbs. If the alcohol content is problematic then a glycerite may be prescribed which is alcohol-free. Fees; Initial consultation £65 Follow-ups £35 Prescriptions prices vary depending upon what approach is agreed upon but are typically around £8-10 per week. Discretionary discounts may be available. All notes taken during the consultations are digitised and stored anonymously to comply with current data protection legislation, on a secure and encrypted device that is not cloud-enabled to maintain security.