Welcome to Botanical Solutions, offering professional consultations from a qualified medical herbalist and nutritionist, based in Hampshire.

Nicholas Carey is a Medical Herbalist and Nutritional specialist  BSc (Hons) MNIMH  offering a range of consultations built upon the principals of a functional medicine approach.

Functional medicine approaches seek to readdress balance in the body by identifying and treating the underlying pathology or root cause rather than simply focussing on symptomatic relief.

Addressing chronic, long-term health conditions requires a multi-faceted approach that works synergistically across the whole body, to improve and optimise health. This is achieved through the mediums of nutrition and plant-based medicine whilst attending to lifestyle parameters such as exercise, sleep, mindfulness and meditation.

This approach engages the bodies ability to heal by returning homeostasis to disordered function and thus engender improved long-term health outcomes.

For further information please use the contact form or telephone on 07809 686142.